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You’ll learn to record audio and MIDI, create and edit sequences, and master mixing and automation techniques such as submixing with Track Stacks or the practical uses of true stereo panning. You will create both acoustic and electronic virtual drum performances using Drummer tracks with Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer. You’ll use Logic Pro X MIDI plug-ins and Smart Controls to control software synthesizers from a MIDI controller or an iPad. Flex Time will allow you to precisely edit the timing of notes inside an audio recording, and you’ll explore Flex Pitch to correct the pitch of a vocal recording. Finally, you’ll mix, automate, and master a song, using plug-ins to process only selected sections or entire tracks, giving your audio creations the final polish needed to achieve a professional sound. Upon completing the course, you can become Apple Certified by passing the Logic Pro X 10.3 certification exam at an Apple Authorized Training Provider.


  • Basic Music Skills
  •  A Working Mac or MacBook
  •  Logic Pro X Software

Kome je namijenjen?

This Logic Pro X 10.3 Professional Music Production course is intended for: Those with basic music production skills who wish to improve Experienced music performers who want to know how to record their ideas New and experienced Logic users who want to deepen their knowledge Those interested in creating their own music or being better at music production

Stečeno znanje

  • Setting up Logic Pro X 10.3 and making music with Apple loops Making music with MIDI and software instruments
  • Recording and Mixing: Automation, Channel EQ, Compression, Space Designer Reverb, Using Aux Sends and Groups, Delay Designer, Echo, Amp Designer, Pedalboard, Modulation Plugins, Flex Time, Flex Pitch and Bouncing.
  • Foundations of how to master you own track.